Soo I just went on one of the best dates I’ve been on in a long time. It was ridiculously cute, he even gave me his jumper when I was cold πŸ™‚ I think I’ve found a keeper.


Make up wise I wore my maybe line perfect fit (120) in concealer, liquid foundation and powder to finish. I love these products because they have made a range where once you’ve found your number your set for all colour matching products! I highlighted with Elizabeth Arden bronzer on cheeks, nose and used it as a light eye shadow.
I used maybeline newyork eyeliner in brown to highlight my top lids, benefit eyeliner in black to fill in my eyebrows and benefit lip liner to highlight and fill in my lips.
I used maybeline mascara aswell (forgot to take a photo and I also forgot what type it is whoops!) but it’s a really good one.


This is basically my usual daily make up anyway but the eyeliner and lip liner aren’t. I think going subtle is generally the best policy in the initial awkward dating stage. I am not blessed with luscious eyebrows so I generally fill them in and lately I’ve been dyeing my hair to match them I love it that much.

Anyway so that is my latest news, anything happening with you guys?


Soo I have been reminiscing over the last couple of days, thinking about graduation and what not.



So this photo was taken almost two years ago just before my graduation. Which at my school was also the formal. I love the photo for two reasons my mother wasn’t as thin as she usually is (she is a size 6! Crazed woman) and I really love this dress.
The dress was from hills in Hollywood and made beautifully.

I’d love to see you lovely people dressed up to the nines so please feel free to leave a photo URL in the comments. πŸ™‚

Love you dolls xx


So I am in between exams at the moment and my next is my last for this semester so that’s kind of great. Why the blue nail? My friend and I saw it on a tv show in grade 9 and it’s suppose to be good luck, and I’ve done it for every exam since. The ones I haven’t I haven’t passed (a whole 1). So the blue pinky stays!

Sooo recently I started following the lovely JoJo Curvy on Instagram, and from there was directed to the lovely ladies at Aussie Curves. The Girls are exceptionally helpful and supportive with all things fashion and beauty related. They also offer a weekly fashion challenge, this week being feminine.
I took a pretty traditional approach to this and thought of my floral skater dress from City Chic.

This dress always gives me 50’s vibes, so I paired the dress with a red cardigan, white ribbon and black wedges, all tying in with the dress.

Make up wise I kept in to my usual and added red lipstick, mainly because nothing makes me feel more feminine than red lipstick.

This theme reminded me of my favourite saying ‘Keep your head, heels and standards high’ and this outfit makes me feel like I’m covering all bases.


and that is feminine complete.
If you are a plus size woman (14 +) living in Australia or New Zealand I can not recommend Aussie Curves enough, not only for the supportive ladies but for their extensive knowledge on online shopping and plus size fashion in general ❀

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So I love baths. Love them, love them, love them. However I am a uni student so I can’t usually afford to indulge in oils and bath bombs. After some googleing I found and they had heaps of ideas, all claiming to provide health benefits aswell.
The orange peel bath is suppose to aid in vitamin C intake since it can apparently be absorbed through the skin and promote collagen. I don’t know how true this is but it smelt delicious and made the bathroom smell lovely for ages. Also a great use for the peels instead of just throwing them out.
I can’t wait to try lemons and limes next πŸ™‚


Soo I guess I am way behind in the nail game since I rarely wear it due to work, but my housemate just started doing nails and I am in love with this.
This is almost after a weeks wear, ZERO chips and they feel fantastic. I’ve had acrylic nails before and have hated it, I feel like my nails are thicker and they look great.



Soo a lovely lady just asked on the Aussie curves Facebook page ‘what to wear when clubbing’ I really never dress like half the girls my age when I go out purely because my boobies can not be contained in cut out dresses and nobody should be exposed to that much cleavage!
So this is what I wore when I went out the other week with black wedges and gold accessories.

City chic SALE haul.

So I feel I was a little unprepared for this sale and I wish I had known before hand that it was so close so I could have saved my pennies but those are the breaks.

I purchased a beautiful peplum dress (left top)
RP- $99 paid – $40

a black lace peplum top (right top)
RP – $60 – paid $20 *i think

Black lined blazer – I have wanted this thing for a couple of weeks and was so excited when I saw it on sale.
RP – $90 paid – $40

Crocheted peplum top (cream) – I love this top, however the crocheted section has not really held up to well after a couple of wears.
RP- $60 paid – $30

Total spend – $130 Total Saving – $190
Pretty happy with everything purchased.

I was slightly annoyed the baroque skirt I had bought the previous week for $70 was on sale for $30, but it was nice to see so many other girls buy such a lovely skirt.